This child is passing through the border with Bangladesh very difficult

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Ayesha Begum, 25, had to flee to Bangladesh from Myanmar during pregnancy. Here is the address of Rohingya refuge camp. There is no sorrow that the husband will not have her husband during childbirth. Because her husband is fighting in Myanmar for the Rohingya rebels. Many people like Ayesha’s husband have been rebelling now to save themselves from torture and oppression.

The news agency AFP told her to flee to Rohingya refuge camp in Bangladesh. He said, ‘My husband brought us up to the river and crossed the border. ‘After crossing her, her husband returned again. If you live, you will meet them in Arakan (Rohingya state) soon after they die and die in heaven.

In Myanmar’s security forces and organized Rohingyas, on Friday (August 25th), so far 92 people have been killed, 12 of them are members of the security forces. The city of Rathing Dong, the center of the recent tension. A few weeks ago, a large number of Myanmar soldiers were held. The allegation has been that, the name of the Rohingya people are being used to kill and persecute in the mountainous hill area in the name of suppressing the insurgency.

Myanmar Rohingya victims of persecution for a long time. Rohingyas are not given citizenship in Myanmar Their movement also has restrictions. The government thinks Rohingya has come from Bangladesh illegally in Myanmar. Although the history of Rohingyas in the region is hundred years old.

In October last year, when a group attacked Rohingya border post, there was dramatic change. In response to the attack, the Myanmar army launched a brutal operation called ‘Clearance Operation’ to curb the insurgency. He was accused of killing, rape and burning of civilians against repression operations. At that time, the United Nations said that crimes against humanity have been committed in Myanmar and the campaign could make the path of ethnic cleansing easier.

In spite of the campaign, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a group, sometimes used to segregate attacks in government and government organizations in remote villages. This group attacked large scale on Friday (August 25th). They attacked about 30 police posts with knives, locally made explosives and some guns. At least one dozen members of the security forces and 80 Rohingya rebels were killed. Then began the torture and repression of the new army of Myanmar. Thousands of Rohingyas are rushing towards Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has already given shelter to several hundred Rohingya refugees. 87 thousand Rohingya infiltrating the country in October last year. The government has refused to allow further Rohingyas to enter this position.

AFP says those who are unable to enter Bangladesh are standing as helpless people in the ‘zero line’ near the border. It is noteworthy that men waiting for the waiting Rohingyas are not seen.

On condition of anonymity, on behalf of a member of Border Guard Bangladesh, the AFP report said, “We wanted to ask them where all their male companions are located. In reply, they said that the men remained in Myanmar to fight. ‘

Shah Alam, a leader of the elderly Rohingya community on the border said 30 young people from three villages of his district joined the ARSA for ‘our independence’. Do they have any other way? Instead of being slaughtered like sheep, they chose to fight and die.

Many refugees said they were able to escape and save their lives. Buddhist rioters and security forces are firing on unarmed civilians, burning houses in the house. Similar allegations have been heard last year after the conflict.

The ARSA group was not known earlier than October. After a recent attack on Myanmar security forces, they called for the Rohingyas to fight.

However, Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counselor’s Office, published ARSA as a “terrorist” and published horror pictures of civilians killed by them.

But the dependence on ARSA in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh is increasing. Although the question remains, can the Myanmar soldiers be defeated mainly with knives and house-made weapons?

Source: AFP

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