The dogs are slaughtered, chicken thinks everyone is eating!

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Chicken Barbecue, you are served to a beautiful dog barbecue! Indonesian island of Bali is happening in a hurry!

The information came out in an investigation by an organization called Animal Australia. It has been shown in the video of the company that dogs were tied. They are made by killing kebab. Then the chicken kebab is being run as sand tourists.

A video published after the investigation of the company shows that only one dollar … chicken kebab … not a dog, say a person walking towards some Australian tourists on the double-sided beach of Bali. Dog picture on the pot of the kebab. An investigator asked the person to know what the flesh, then asked. In response, he said, it’s dog meat. If you are asked to do a dog’s picture on the pot as a dog meat, the barbecue seller acknowledges the matter.

“When we started an investigation, we did not think that the meat of dogs is also entering the tourist areas of Indonesia,” the doctor’s doctor Lynn White told ABC.
After the investigation, an official named Luke said that dogs were beaten, throaty, or poisoned. It is such cruelty from one side, as well as cheating with the tourists. If they know the source of meat, they will become sick. A physician from the investigating agency said that the dog poisoning was risky for health.

However, due to low prices, many of Bali residents like dog meat. Belly’s idea, dog flesh enhances the sexual power of men.

The doctor said White, “The goal of ‘Animal Australia’ is to end the cruelty without interfering with sand culture. Dog meat is not part of sand culture. Going there, a minority community started this practice.

At that time, he also asked the administrative officials of Bali to stop such activities.

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