The cry of the mountain is not stopped: the hills in Rangamati again

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Rangamati again happened in the hills of the hills. The incident happened again on Monday, 20 days after the June 13 disaster rocket. But no one was injured in this.

A part of a mountain collapses on Monday at 12pm on the Rangamati-Chittagong road at Dipopchhari of Manikchhari. The movement of the road is closed for about an hour. Rangamati Road’s Executive Engineer Emdad Hossain said that the Rangamati Road and Highways Department has arranged the movement for cleaning the roads.

Rangamati has continuous moderate to heavy rains since last Sunday night. Even today, the rain was not completely completed till three o’clock. It is still raining. After knowing about the possibility of heavy rainfall in the weather forecast, the district administration warned everyone by miking since Sunday evening. Then there has been rain all night, which is still continuing yet.

In this kind of rain, the fear of the mountain is creating new panic. According to the district administration sources, some of the new panic people are coming to some shelters. Yesterday morning in the open university shelter at the outskirts of the city, it was reported that two new families took shelter there.

Meanwhile, there was a collapse in Dipokhari. On 13th June, 120 people were killed in Rangamati only on an unprecedented hilltop. At least 88 people were injured, many of whom are still undergoing treatment.

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