Onion acts as an anthrax of the terrible diseases

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We use onions for common curry flavors. But this onion has many properties. Let’s know what the quality of this onion is.

# In the medicinal herbs, there are many uses of onion. If the onion juice nose in the body, the feces of the fever, the nose of the nose, the forehead of the forearm, the flasks come out. The forehead feels light and the fever fades away.

# When urine is broken in the temporal bubbles, the urine becomes tight. In that case onion juice mixed with a teaspoon of cold water and the urine becomes normal and the urine becomes normal. Onion enhances the power of urine absorption of urine. There are many people who can not stand and urinate. Mom is obliged to get busy for the liberation. But onion juice helps to deal with those unstable conditions. Playing onion juice by one teaspoon of 4/5 days is going to become normal.

# The body is getting hot and sometimes blood starts to nose. In that case the onion sticks are closed.

# Onion is also a special beneficial source for those who suffer from piles. If the blood is not stopped for any reason, then one teaspoon of onion juice mixed with water will gradually stop bleeding. The same amount of onion juice mixed with hot water is cleansed and the stomach and sloth are cleaned.

# Sometimes there is a blow outside the ear. Kinba bhabhunda pok tonota. In that case the onion juice 4/5 a little bit, the pain reduces to reduce the blow or boil.

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