Diabetes is the problem of skin

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Diabetes can also cause problems with skin. So patients need extra care of the skin.

The abscess, rash, can occur on the surface of the eye or anywhere in the body. Nails are inflammation at the base.

On any of the forearm, skin irritants attack the fungus in the groin.

High-quality Sugar makes the skin dry. As a result, the patient’s skin becomes dry, cracked and itchy.

The back of the gland is covered with black and white skin in the dome, which is known as acanthosis, called the negative.

The front skin has spherical black-spots.

-The fat and other layers of the stomach have been decaying at the deep level.

In some cases, the skin becomes thick, tall or thin in insulin. Insulin allergy can also occur.

I do care

tbake cutting, inflammation, Consult the doctor soon after rash or bleeding.

Use the antibiotic cream to wash and wash the affected areas with soap and water.

Every day, go to the doctor to take care of your feet.

Do not try to crack the blisters or blisters.

Do not use extra hot water for goggles or skin wash. Do not use lotion in the finger spin.

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