Not cold, hot ‘cold coffee’

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If we wake up in the morning, if not a cup of hot coffee, many of us do not. If you do not have any hot tea or coffee in the office several times a day, how do you sleep in your sleep? But this summer, tea, coffee bawdy house for the day, his advice to a variety of things to digest. This summer, cold tea or coffee with the taste of some of the advice to eat more is heard.

But Anthony Ben of the University of British Columbia Center for Heart, Hung and Vascular Health Department reports, “Our body is cold when we play hot drinks in the summer. When we feel warm, our body initially cools the body through sweat. Reduces temperature. ”

Ben said, “hot if the body tissue temperature changes in the skin and parts of the body on the tharmosensara through a network of brain haipothyalamase paumchanoya we warm feel. The body then through sweating temperature reduction process started. When we have a hot drink in the stomach tharmosensara very active became. haipothyalamase, which sends the signal that the body is warm. great Then began the process of ska quick to cool the body. The skin surface of the body through the sweat away from the body when the heat energy escapes. As a result, the body is cold. ”

Ben said, “If the heat generated in the body is fully enough to cause the body to come up on the skin through sweating, the body will cool down.” If we are already ghee, then hot energy can not be fully absorbed in the surface after drinking it. If we are inhaled, then we should drink some cold, but when it is hot, if sweat is not special, when there is loose clothing, and the weather If the flour is sultry hot drinks will cool the body. ” express

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